Monday, January 16, 2012

Today on Whippoorwill Road

Today on Whippoorwill Road

I got some great advice from Wise One (my dad) about my upcoming garden.

Inspecting the ground.

 The Wise One says it's a great place to plant a garden and 
I'll have to add lime to the soil.

We got to say 'goodbye' to second eldest, Clayton
before his journey back to North Carolina.
(Thanks for visiting us this weekend.)

We got to hear stories of the bold deer devastating my mom's beautiful roses
while the men were in the Sears Auto Store.

Well, time to go.  Have to get errands done today.

When we arrived home, a neighbor dog was waiting patiently.
Our Shy Dog got to play with a friend.

Buns got a spic and span cage to lounge in.
Courtesy of Smarty Girl.

And Smarty Girl finally gets to make Cannoli's for the first time.

But not before she got to make her own Cannoli tubes out of wood
with her Dad in the workshop.
She sanded the ends.

After all her (and He-Man's) hard work, I'm pretty sure I'll get to try one of these fabulous, 
handmade desserts.

Just thankful for all we've received, all we've gotten today
on Whippoorwill Road. 

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