Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving, Come and Gone

Fall is quickly leaving and soon winter will be here.  Yay!  
Now, before you groan, let me just say that fall here in Georgia is what some call summer.  For instance, yesterday it was a lovely 70 degrees.  That's summer to me.

It was 70 degrees for Thanksgiving, too.   We were the hosts.  It's always wonderful having the family together.  

It was just cool enough when the sun was going down to roast marshmallows.  

Soon it became too chilly for some of my family members.  Here are three of my four sisters.  We all love cold weather except for my sister in the front right of the photo.  

If a tropical breeze blows, she freezes.  I had to loan her my heavy winter coat.  A coat that has kept me warm during long New England winters.  As long as she was wearing this, and sitting by the fire, she was fine!  
Please note all the kids are in short sleeves.  And there's Colson in the background, with the white tee shirt and shaved head.

Thank you to so many who have prayed for him, sent their best wishes and concerns our way.  It has meant so much and has humbled me at times when you've inquired, commented and prayed for him.  He's doing really well.  

 He has one more chemotherapy appointment.  

He's still smiling, still laughing.  It could have been a lot worse.  When I think of all the other things we could have gone through, all the other diagnosis he could have received, I realize we have nothing to complain or whine about.  We're one of the lucky ones.  He'll be cured, he'll go on.  
Many people don't have that opportunity.  We have so much to be thankful for.  I'm grateful for life, for medicine, for love, for family, for friends...  

It's been a thank-filled 
Thanksgiving here 
on Whippoorwill Road.