Sunday, January 15, 2012

Buns Got Snipped

Buns got snipped.

We took the Buns earlier this month to get neutered.
Though there are no female rabbits around,
he will be much happier and less frustrated if he's
in an altered state.

It was a freezing morning but a beautiful one.
Smarty Girl was home from college to attend him, reassure him, 
comfort him.

He really doesn't mind traveling in his Pet Taxi.
We dropped him off at 8 am then....

She brought me to 'Five Star Day Cafe' for a lovely breakfast.

Buns did great.  He came home around 4 pm and since that day, he's been romping around
and pooping everywhere.
Speaking of... he's in a little time out right now.  
Chewing on books that are minding their own business resting on the side tables
is unacceptable.
The poops, however- no problem.  They will be added to the compost bin to make some
great soil for the upcoming garden.

Here's to you and yours from Whippoorwill Road,

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