Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So it Begins

And So It Begins...
(cue the dramatic music)

The beginning of the compost bin materializes.
Amid mysterious drop like particles floating mid-air to signal it's creation,
the bin is born. 
(No, really, what is that stuff?)
Must be particles of sawdust raining down, raining down.

And here it is in it's infancy.
All shiny and new with still some growing to do.

It's proud first moments, waiting for it's bonnet and backside.
(Actually, you are looking at it's backside.  It's awaiting a swinging door to access 
the final precious product)

And this is what it's first meal looks like:
all that nutritious green stuff.
(please ignore the trash in the background)

Oh yes, and this is also what it will eat:
old pumpkins, some leaves and oh so many poops
from the Grand Pooper, aka: Buns.
(When I tossed these pumpkins out after Thanksgiving, they were covered with
brush, bushes and branches.  It didn't look so unsightly then.)

Oh and for the record, I helped "deliver" this compost baby.
Really, I carried the measuring tape, squirted out some of the wood glue, carried cedar planks, shot the nail gun once (and messed up, that's why it was only once) and held boards in place while being sawed.  It's hard work being the 'Go-Fer'.

Adios Amigos.
Signing off from Whippoorwill Road,

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