Sunday, July 29, 2012

Buns and Big 'Ol Nasty Dog Meet the Extended Family

Meet my cousins, Sandra and Sherry.  
They are sisters.  A phenomenal duo.  Forces of Nature. 
Seated is Sherry.  Six foot one, blond, blue-eyed, single.
Standing is Sandra. Five foot eleven. Married, mother of 4.
Years ago, Sherry decided she wanted children.  She became a foster mom to Cara, in the purple shirt.  It didn't take too long before she wanted to give Cara a permanent home and adopted her.  
Next came Tatiana, in the white shirt.  These two were adopted as little girls.  Finally, there was Maddie.  Maddie's been with Sherry since she was several months old.  These girls are thriving under the love of these two women.
Sandra, in the back, works like a man.  She demolishes and renovates rooms.  Right now she's renovating a second home with her husband.   She puts up dry wall, she hammers, plasters, caulks, paints, mows, landscapes, fishes, scouts, and is "faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound".  
I'd really like to do the things she does.  Here, she just looks serene. 
We invited them over for lunch yesterday.

Being greeted at the front door by a big black dog can produce a little apprehension in anyone.  These girls were a little caught off guard initially.  But very quickly, Big 'Ol Nasty Dog won their hearts.  
And affection.  And attention.  
He was in his glory.

While Big 'Ol Nasty Dog gets a sprucing up, I think little 'Tati" is asking our son if she can take him for a spin around the house.

Our dog is ready.  But no horseback riding the pooch today.

This is definitely more up his alley.  Showing off his manicure and getting loves from cute little girls.

He loves being doted upon.  These sweet girls did a lot of doting.
He was one happy canine today.  

Not to be left out, Buns had to get his fill of...basil!
This rabbit will do anything for food.  Unlike Big 'Ol Nasty Dog, who is anorexic, we have to make sure Buns is not overeating.
His antics brought the biggest of smiles.

If you feed him, he will come...  And follow you around the room, and dart between your legs...

He, too, got all the attention (and basil) he could possibly want.

My son and daughter entertained these beautiful children all afternoon so we, the "adults" could enjoy our lunch and conversation.  I love this "New Man" of mine and my "Smarty Girl".  I love that they love children and animals.  I'm so grateful that all my kids have this wonderful trait.

They played air hockey, darts, video games and then... they learned how to play 21!  Blackjack games are very useful for teaching math and all sorts of lessons on life!  They played until my little nephew won.

Finally, it was time to close out our time together by imitating Big 'Ol Nasty Dog: the little ones got manicures and pedicures by Smarty Girl.  

But before I close out this post, I just want to thank my husband, pictured in the background in well deserved relaxation mode.  Thank you for the awesome homemade pizzas, cleaning up the kitchen afterwards, and your graciousness. 

Love from Whippoorwill Road,


  1. this was just sweet! first, i can't get enough of big ol' nasty dog! love that pup!!! reminds me so much of our former rott/lab mix, avis - just the sweetest big boy, ever. :)

    second, your cousins are AWESOME women! and they have beautiful, happy kids, as do you. this was a feel-good post all the way, bernadine!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words. I think they're pretty AWESOME too!

  3. You have a wonderful family and what a helpful hubby! Your cousins are marvelous people, so giving. Even the fur babies are so much fun, the bunny looks so soft and cuddly....Christine

  4. Have a beautiful famila you enjoy