Saturday, January 28, 2012

Productive Saturday

A Very Productive Saturday

We worked on the compost bin.

This is where I came in...

I got to fill in all the nail holes.  Yay.

95% completed.

My dad came over with the tiller.

And showed me where and how to use it.  

Richard and I love taking used things and reusing them or repurposing them.
Case in point, a discarded dresser drawer we picked from the curve of a Buckhead home.
(It was a little embarrassing picking through someones trash, but really, who cares.  They'll never see us again.)

Some of the wood was really nice.

My favorite part:  the handles.

Here's what some of the drawers were turned into.  
Lovely boxes for soap molds, or storage boxes, or organizers to hold little trinkets...  
the possibilities are endless. 

But we're using them for soap molds.
He even made a lid for them.
All from recycled wood.

Then, we tried our hand at making our own Mozzarella.

And you know what? 

They said it was easy to do.

And it was.

So delicious too.

Now we're making our own Ricotta Cheese from the leftover whey.
And for dinner, it's homemade pizza and a glass of wine.
It's nice to be productive on a Saturday.

Happy Labors from Whippoorwill Road,

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