Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Well, It's Been a Good 2011th Year...

As 2012 approaches, let's see what's going on 
this fine day,
of the last day
of 2011...

What have we have here?
1) an abandoned campground
(remnants of last nights short lived endeavor by Man-Child and Man of Steel)

2) an early promise of spring
(has winter even arrived yet?)


3) a bright blue sky, crisp weather
(wait, I see something stirring on that porch...)

...well, would you look at that...
it's Smarty Girl getting exposed to deadly radiation from the sun!
Look at the pain in her face...
She's melting, melting...
4) I told her 
she would be an 
outdoor person
one day.
Maybe in 2012?

I hope you enjoy your last day in 2011.
Wishing you merry Happiness in 2012 from Whippoorwill Road,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Difference a Day Makes

What a Difference a Day Makes

Everyone relaxing Christmas morn.

The beginning of the gifts, the gift bags, the tissue, bows and cards strewn everywhere. 

The results were wonderful.  Smiles, laughs, delight.

Yes, even the Buns has to get involved in the giving of Christmas. 

Have I mentioned how much our family loves to lounge in pajamas.
No, really.  For long periods of time.   
Why, we would have never gotten out of our PJs...

...had it not been that we were celebrating Christmas dinner
at my sister's and brother-in-law's. 
They always provide the most beautiful settings, 
fabulous food and
great drinks, I mean, beverages.

Cambria read from Luke about the angels announcement and 
the humbling birth of Jesus in a manger.

This year Brenes debuted, reading a story about 'The Baby Jesus'.
My sister, Regina, cried and cried from pride and wonderment.
I cried with her.

Then Chase read a poem about family.
Then he read something he wrote to his very special girlfriend.
We love her.

Then, he got down on one knee...
She said, "Yes".
How many parents get to watch their son propose to his future wife?
I mean, in the flesh? 

Notice my mom is tearing, Regina is tearing and if you could see me,
I was teary-eyed too, so were Colson and Cassidy.
Clay... not so much.

Some of the women of the Merritt clan.
Soon, she'll be joining us.  
We're so happy and thrilled.

Well, this was a great day on and away from Whippoorwill Road.
Hope yours was great too.
Love, Bernadine

Saturday, December 24, 2011

What I, the Humbug,

about a Christmas Eve gathering:

Men in the kitchen,

pets being included in the hubbub,


Family of all ages 
enjoying each others company,


Great appetizers in a relaxed setting
as a prelude to a great meal. 

Big kids taking little kids...

outside to play, enjoy nature 
and shoot BB's at pond targets.
(no, not the ducks)

Everyone smiling.

Yep, these are a few of my favorite things 
on Whippoorwill Road.
Wishing you a beautiful tomorrow.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Back from LA

She's back!

We picked up Smarty-Girl at the airport.
Left the house at 5am.  
So good to see her again.  
What a relief she arrived safe and sound. 

I hope this is the beginning of many travels for her.  

Back to relaxing.  Ahhh, searching the computer, 
getting lost in the world wide web.

Oh, and Buns had to personally welcome her back by climbing all over.  

Then, as a special treat, my elder sons arrived this evening.  My eldest brought his beautiful girlfriend too.
What a great Christmas this is turning out to be.

Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Fine Misty Morning

The Woodsman finally got his haircut.  I love a neatly groomed man, I mean tree.
He looks ready to face the world. 

Uh oh... something's not quite right...something's amiss...
 Poor guy.  
He has missing parts from time to time. 
It's like the Straw Man in the Wizard of Oz,
"They took my arms, and threw them over there!"
"Then they took my legs and threw them over there!" 

Those dastardly squirrels.
Well, after searching the area, lips were finally located beneath some leaves.

After some plastic surgery, and recovery time waiting for epoxy to dry,
it's time to let the healing begin.
So, on this fine misty morning...

Woodsman got his lips on.
Now pucker up for the camera and...  
Ahhh... much better.

Don't you just love the beauty of a misty morning?

I'll take this any day.

Enjoying Peace and Tranquility on Whippoorwill Road.
Love,  Bernadine

Saturday, December 17, 2011

She's off to LA

Smarty girl began packing for her whirlwind trip to California.  
She's earned this adventure, working so hard at school.

Buns had to inspect every item.  
He had to make sure she had all the necessities.

Casual Tees?-Check...

Ooh, wait a minute, ... Wait a minute.  
Hold the phone!
What's that smell?

Yay!  It's breakfast!  

Ooh, I want some, I want some...

Whatcha' got there?  Let me see...

Ooh, Ooh...
Now that's some interesting (and delicious stuff).
Smarty girl looks somewhat dismayed. 

Thanks.  Now I have to rest.  
All that inspection and nibbling has me tuckered out.

Please, keep the blanket fluffed.

And yes, I do appreciate a stroke or two.  

Ahhhh, living the good life on Whippoorwill Road. 
 Hope you do the same,