Saturday, January 14, 2012


The Man-Child Becomes a Man

This month we celebrated Colson's 18th birthday.
How did we celebrate?
We took him to a park he's never been to with his sister and his cousin.
Then to dinner and a movie.
The birthday boy,  man is looking angelic (or demonic, if you look long enough).
Why is his cousin making that face?
Is he saying, "Look, I just got my teeth cleaned."
"I just ate a bitter berry out here."?

Then I made the New Man pose next to some blooming daffodils.
He worked the camera.

 Then we went on a little hike with the men leading the way.

 I'm shameless at making my kids pose.
They're really good sports complying to my wishes...
...except at cleaning their rooms.
That's another story.

well I guess after making him sit next to running water....
No further comment.

 Later, he received a little present that probably every young man would love.
And every old man would love.
Every middle aged man would love and come to think of it,
women of all ages would love...
(for the car, of course. The other type is free and there's plenty of it around here).

 Then, he got to blow out candles on his untraditional birthday "cake":
A Birthday Pumpkin Pie.
The Buns has to involve himself in the celebrations, hoping to get some of that pie.

Happy Birthday Colson.  
You're technically a man now.  But you'll always be our baby.  :-)

Love and kisses on Whippoorwill Road.

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