Monday, January 2, 2012

2012's Desires, Wishes, Aspirations

2012's Desires, Wishes, Aspirations, Hopes, Dreams
and Goals

Yep, I want chickens.  Not a lot.  Just 3-5 egg laying hens.
Is that too much to aspire to?
I think not.

(Ok, maybe this is too much to ask for.)

But certainly not this.

You might be thinking to yourself,
"Why?  Why go through all that trouble, expense, poop?"

Well, let's just say it will be one small step toward self sustenance.
Sure, it might be a romantic notion...
at the end of my life, do I really want to lie in a bed knowing I didn't do what I wanted?
(Of course, by that time, I might be as crazy as a loon and not even remember I had desires.  
But have no fear, my daughter knows exactly what to do with me then...)

Aren't these cute?  Don't they scream 'Manageable'?  

Now, here's the other side of 2012's desires, wishes, 
aspirations, hopes...
... well, you get the drift.

That's me down there in 2015.  
I'm thin, looking 20 years old again because I've been slaving away for years getting this thing to thrive, with a garden that makes one feel they've been transported to a magical, mystical, mesmerizing place.
Yeah, that's all I want.
Oh yes, and with a beautiful chicken coop in view.

But here's what I have now:
An empty pasture just begging to be productive.
And here's what it's being used for at this moment:
Man-Child and Man of Steel are at it again,
becoming fierce Hunter Gatherers.

A fire pit to roast some meat from the grocery store.
I mean, the game they hunted with great skill
and steadiness of bow.

Hey, wait a minute... is that the remnants of an 
old bird cage?

They assure me it's the perfect set up for grilling and protection
against a Zombie Apocalypse. 
(You see, the Zombies won't be able to rip out your
innards cause you'll have this metal grid
protecting the place where they
tend to grab you first.)
Oh well, here's hoping I get my garden before the Zombies get me!
And that's my 2012 desires, wishes, aspirations...
for Whippoorwill Road.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you get your chickens. They are almost no trouble at all and can have wonderful personalities.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I enjoy my little flock of chickens. They are easy to tend. I get eggs & poop for the gardens & they get a lovely home food & love from me. You have the same fenced in garden I am trying to build to expand my gardens. So magical. Blessings!