Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Muscadines, Frizz and Beauty Berries

Early this morning, I wanted to check on the garden.  So I donned my new rubber garden boots and headed out in the wet grass.

I love the early morning, when this small part of my world is still quiet and my house is still full of sleepy heads. 

The Butternut Squash seems to be doing well.  The Basil is still going strong.  
The asparagus... well, I just leave it alone.  For now.

This photo is from yesterday.  This little pepper plant was nibbled to the ground.  I'm thrilled it has grown and produced another pepper, without fertilizers or insecticides.  He-Man applied another round of Liquid Fence around the perimeter though to keep the little rabbits and a few big deer away. 

I decided to check on the rest of the yard.  
These are wild grapes called Muscadines.  I'm fortunate to have a growing population of these on our property.  They are delicious and taste somewhat like a Concord grape.  

I ate my way through the inspection of our property.  I border on the appearance of a crazed wild woman when I'm out in the woods or garden.  It's the frizz, I tell you.  The frizz.  My hair and humidity: they're rivals.
Back to the Muscadines.  This is an unripened cluster.  I think the grape season is coming to a close.  I know I missed a lot of ripened grapes because I stepped on a lot of mushy ones that had already fallen to the ground.  What a shame for me, but nice for the wild life. 

We are fortunate to have Beauty Berries also growing wild on the edge of the woods.  They don't look like much without the berries but when they're in bloom, they live up to the name.  
I recently found out that the leaves of this plant are a natural bug repellant when rubbed on the skin.  Just as effective as the chemical repellants in a can.
I tried it once and it worked.  I have to remember to do this every time I work in the garden or wander in the woods.

I love this plant.  It's good food for birds as well.  I'm thrilled when I find it growing in a new spot.  I'm trying to let them grow wherever they please.  
It's been a lovely morning so far.  Tomorrow I head to Boston to visit my friend for a long weekend.  We're going to the Brimfield Antiques Fair.  It's projected to rain while I'm there.  I lived in Massachusetts for fifteen years.  Always wanted to go but never did.  Now, I'm going as a tourist.  So, today is a day of packing and preparation.
Top of the list though is a trip to my stylist.  She has to tame my frizz so I'll look somewhat sane on the plane tomorrow.  And if it does rain... well, let's just say I'm glad my friend has seen me on better days.



  1. i like how you 'ate your way' thru the property inspection. :) have a wonderful trip!

    1. Thank you. I will post some photos when I return. i'm hoping to find some treasures.

  2. Aren't mornings the best?! I love to cradle my coffee cup and just enjoy. In my jammies, too. Have a great day.

    1. Mornings are the best... and dusk too! I'm glad I'm not the only one outdoors in jammies. I have a feeling we're part of a vast number of comfort seekers..

  3. Thank you for the tip about the beauty berry plant leaves. We have one growing next to our chicken coop. I saw recipe for jelly with the berries, but haven't tried it. It's a pretty plant, that's for sure.

    Your garden looks great and I love those muscadines. I'll have to go check on ours though sadly, a lot of the vines have been eaten by the goats.

  4. I read about the Beauty Berry leaves on the MotherEarth News website. They have so much great information.

  5. Have fun, Bernadine! Your garden is looking healthy. I have those berries too.....Christine