Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chicken Research

Still Researching...

Everyday I search, I read, I browse.
What is realistic?  What is doable?

Yesterday evening while waiting for a friend to come over so we could head out to dinner, I was standing in my pasture with my cell phone using the compass app to get the definite location of 'north' and 'south'.  I had read that for a southern garden it was good to lay your garden out this way.  This could be true for all gardens, I don't know.  Also, never run your garden downhill. That makes sense.

But where to put the chicken house in this scheme of things?

Plus, what kind of garden shall it be, what style, what purpose shall it have?  That was one day's worth of research and contemplation.
Definitely leaning towards a potager garden now.

A potager garden is a decorative vegetable garden. Traditionally, it’s an informal, garden filled with vegetables, edible and non-edible flowers,   and herbs.  A delight for the eyes and the stomach.

This is a wonderful layout, but too big for me- a beginner.  But it gives me a good idea of design.

Should the beds be square or rectangle?

Should I start with two or four?

Or maybe five?

Round is great because I don't like sharp angles.
And it just seems less formal, more friendly, more inviting.
Now that I know north, east, south and west of my property, I'm a little closer to breaking ground. 
I guess the next thing to do will be to stake out the dimensions...

..."Richard, ohhh RRRRichhhhharddd"... 
Where is that He-Man?

Still planning...lots to do.
Closer to taking the plunge at Whippoorwill Road.
Love, Bernadine

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