Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween... and an update.

Greetings and Happy Halloween from the aisle at Walmart! 
Since we don't get Trick or Treaters at our house (we live too far off the road, not in a subdivision either), this is about as exciting as it gets.  
Enjoy this evening with the kids.  Be safe.  Have fun. 

So I've been a little distracted lately and not kept up with posts.  Here's an update on our youngest son's recent diagnosis of testicular cancer.  
He's healed up nicely from surgery.  I thought there's no better time in a young man's life than to get him acquainted with the necessity of...  a pedicure!  Yep, I took him for his first foot grooming.  Results: it was a big hit.  He loved it and wants to do it again.  (His future wife can thank me now.  Not that he has anyone picked out yet or even in mind.  But one day, she will thank me.  Whoever she may be.) (And this sweet lady in the chair between us, was very nice to let me snap some photos without freaking out that she was in the shot.)

This past Monday was his first day of chemotherapy.  He came prepared:  He had shaved his head (didn't want to see it coming out in clumps); had purchased several books to read while getting treatment, loaded his iPhone with favorite tunes; brought his new blanket to keep him cozy and most importantly, had a huge bag of beef jerky to munch on. 
Just the picture of chillin' out, relaxing at the doctor's office.

He's a trooper.  Still going to college.  Still smiling.  Still making jokes.  I just love this kid.  Today is his third treatment.

Thanks for your thoughts, concerns, prayers and well wishes.
They mean so much to us on 
Whippoorwill Road.


  1. God bless your sweet, strong young man!

  2. Awww, your son is so handsome and has a very nice outlook in life. Glad he is doing so well after surgery. And yes, Bernadine, You should try to make plate chargers out of your logs.....Christine

  3. Hi Bernadine- Your son looks adorable (do you say that about boys?) handsome?
    Well anyway looking good, and I am happy to hear how well he is doing. I think all men should have pedicures, who wants to look at crusty feet?
    Enjoy your day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am praying for your son. So sorry to hear about his cancer, and I pray for a speedy recovery. I also have not been blogging and keeping up with posts. I hope to do better if we can ever sell our other house.

  5. Thank you to all. You are all very kind and It means so much to me. He's doing well. He's completely bald now... by choice. He shaves his head so he doesn't have to see it falling out. I call him "my little egg head", which he smiles at.
    TexWesGirl-Thank you for always being the first one to comment and encourage.
    xinex-Thanks for your reassurance regarding his positive outcome.
    Becka-I agree. If all men knew how wonderful pedicures were... I think they'd be the largest clientele.
    Kris-I hope you sell your previous home soon. You've got a lot on your plate too.

  6. What a sweet boy he is.....his little face reminds me of my middle boy (he's 16), and how I always want to hold his face in my hands. I think they must never truly grow up to us mothers....I still see those eyes that blinked up at me while I was feeding him as a baby!
    I think the pedicure was the BEST idea! I bet he loved it -- I want one now!! :-D
    I still pray every time I think of him and you, that God will bless you all and bring healing and happiness to him! What a wonderful attitude he has, and it's just a joy to see him in your pictures -- he has such a sweet spirit and it shows in him!

    I will be watching for any updates! :-)

    1. Thanks LIsa Diane. I've been a little neglectful of my blog and I appreciate you checking back from time to time. He's almost done with his chemo treatments. He lost every bit of hair and his older brother just teased him about looking like "Mr.Clean". It was all in good humor and Colson makes jokes about his situation too. I'm glad he's keeping his sense of humor throughout all of this. Not once has he been angry, upset or discouraged. I'll be updating my post soon. Thanks for all your thoughts and concerns.

  7. I thought I posted a comment for you.....but maybe I meant to and forgot...? (It happens more and more as I get older! LOL)

    I came back to see if there's any update, and because I wanted you to know that I'm still praying for your son and YOU -- may God bless your whole family this Thanksgiving week, and bring health and happiness to your son and all of you!! :-)

    1. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. We hosted the dinner this year. We had a great time and if I stop procrastinating, I'll post some photos of all that has been going on in our neck of the woods! I hope yours was great as well.

  8. Lifting your son and you up in prayer. Blessings! Lara

    1. Thank you, Lara. I hope you're doing well. I think of you often.