Friday, January 20, 2012

Cannoli's, Wood, Veggies and a Buns Video

Some Cannoli's, Wood, Veggies
and a Video
(for your entertaining enjoyment)

These were the cannoli's made by Smarty Girl.
I really enjoyed one.  ONE, that's all I had.
I'm trying to be disciplined.

This is the wood we bought  today for our compost bin.
I really hope we get our initial investment back in Black Gold.
Otherwise I may hear about it for years to come.

Buns is a great example and role model for consuming veggies with glee.
That's glee, as in a happy emotion.
Not, GLEE, as in the musical sitcom.
Not that there's anything wrong with watching TV during dinner.
If that's what you're into.

And if you'd like to put your kids in front of this video during dinnertime,
go right ahead.  You do not need my expressed permission to show this Speilberg-esque

I wish I could consume greens as voraciously as the Buns.  It also shows why I may need
some low fencing around my upcoming garden.
But all these greens comes out as little brown poops which I will put in
that compost bin, which will break down, then will go on the veggies, 
and then Buns will get to consume some,
which will eventually be pooped out, which will be added to the
compost bin, which will be....

Bon Appetit 
Love,  Bernadine from Whippoorwill Road

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