Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Mom, I found a lump..."

"Mom, I found a lump..."  It all started with these few words. Just two weeks ago, New-Man Colson, only 18 years old, uttered these words to me.

I was working outside in the yard with my second eldest son.  An immediate pit lodged in my stomach but not being one to give into panic or create panic, I calmly told him we'd call his doctor.  Within 2 hours, we were in the doctor's office.  

That was Friday, just two weeks ago.  Here's how fast things have moved, thanks to his family doctor:
  • Monday, he had an UltraSound.  
  • The very next day, on Tuesday, we were at the urologists office, getting the results.  It was highly indicative of a cancerous tumor.  
  • On Thursday, he had a CT Scan.  Results would be after the weekend, on Tuesday.
  • In the meantime, we went to Atlanta on Sunday to meet my future daughter-in-laws parents. (see previous post)  
  • Then on Tuesday, we heard the dreaded words: Testicular Cancer
  • Thursday was pre-operative clearance.  
  • Friday, just yesterday, was surgery!  

signing his consent

a coworker starting his IV

keeping his sense of humor

heading to surgical waiting area

meeting his anesthetist, assistant surgeon and surgical nurses

his urologist/surgeon

getting medicine to relax and sedate him

and off he goes.

It's happened all so fast that we've really not had time to fret or worry too much.  We've read and researched what all this means for him.  I'm so grateful this boy  young man, listened to me when I told him to examine himself regularly.  This type of cancer strikes young men, 18-35 years, but the ages are getting earlier.  As young as 15 years old!  
in recovery

I'm also grateful, he told us about it, quickly.  He caught it in an early stage.  The cure rate is very high when caught early.  Sometimes, one surgery is all that is needed.  We're hoping that's the case here.
He's not done though.  There's still tests to run, doctor's to see, follow up appointments to go to and labs to be taken.  

He's handled this with courage, grace and humor.  And now, he has a message: he wants young men to know how important it is to examine themselves every month.  
So, if you have a son, grandson, nephew... please share this with them.  

Resting a little easier 
on Whippoorwill Road,
Bernadine and Colson(aka: New-Man)


  1. oh, bernadine! i am so glad that all of you acted quickly with this (including the doctors!) colson, you rock for sharing this message! i hope this surgery will be the only procedure/treatment needed for you!

  2. Thank you so much, Theresa. I hope it's the last surgery too! I'm just so glad he told me and didn't wait! It's been such a whirlwind. We're trying to hold to the philosophy of "Don't worry until it's time to worry." So far, so good.

  3. I'll be praying for him. It looks like he has certainly got the right attitude to assure a speedy recovery! Blessings

  4. That means a lot to us. Thank you, Ian.

  5. I wish I could hug you! We seem to be a bit in the same boat, but mine is taking on water. I hope and pray to God that your son will be through this very soon and it will just be a scary memory.
    You may know my story and you may not. I've told a few blogger via email..
    I am overjoyed he found it early. I wish I knew what this "cancer" thing is all about and why there isn't a cure yet.
    Many hugs and love,
    Know I am thinking of you and praying.

  6. I am glad he caught it early, Bernadine. He looks like such a happy patients who everybody in the hospital will love. How nice that you documented everything and shared with us. I hope that is the end of it, which it should be since it was caught early. My hubby is a Urologist....Christine

  7. Thank you so much for the reassurance. It was much needed this morning since I was really struggling with the realization of what this all means for him. He's doing well, getting rested and such. More appointments this week. Take care.

  8. Dear God, Bernadine, I had no idea until tonight....I will pray and pray for him to be completely healed! The picture of his father holding his hand after the surgery brought tears to my much love there! I am so glad that he is taking it all so positively, he looks confident and strong in the pictures, and that's one of the keys to healing! But my heart aches for you at the burden this must be, especially as a strong and have faith! The most important thing is that it was found early, and tell him I am going to instruct my two teenage boys now, because of his example! :-)

    My thoughts and PRAYERS are with you all! And please keep me posted....Lisa

  9. Thanks for your concern and especially your prayers. He's doing well. Keeping his humor. We just found out his next course will be 6 weeks of chemotherapy. That threw us for a loop. Cancer is such a scary thing. We are holding onto the reassurance from all the doctors that this is very treatable and the outcome looks very good. I will definitely tell Colson that because of his post you're going to talk to your boys. He'll be glad about that. Take care and I'll keep you posted.

  10. I'll be keeping you and Colson (well- your whole family too) in my prayers and thoughts. I do not have sons, but I have 5 nephews and I am sending your post to their mom's. Thank you for sharing such a personal story, as it may save the lives of many young men.
    {Hugs} Take Care-

  11. Becka,
    If this even helps one young man, then it was worth it. Colson is doing well. Actually has a sense of humor about the whole thing. He's all healed up now. He starts chemotherapy in a few short weeks.