Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Hoopla

Let me give a brief update of what's going on here on Whippoorwill Road:
This un-neutered red cur got into the pond and stole...

...this Italian duck decoy.  Imagine, after immigrating from Italy, relocating to Maine, being adopted into Georgia, you're sitting in your pond, minding your own business and then that skinny red creature scoops you up and carts you to an unknown burial place.  
There are no words.
So, now there is one lonely duck decoy.  Relegated to the fountain, again.
Grrrr... (*that's me making that noise, not the skinny red cur*).

Smarty-Girls seedlings showed their gratitude in the nicest of ways.  

Oh yes, and there's more...  Today is planting day for tomatoes, basil, peppers, squash, zucchini, string beans and all these flowers.

Dutiful mother bird remains on the nest.

She's a good egg!

Smarty Girl wanted to make Easter gift baskets last night.
Big Ole Nasty Dog wanted in on the action but alas...

...he had a bad case of halitosis.  Smarty Girl couldn't take it anymore.

Not to be ignored, Buns also wanted in on the sweet action and pestered Smarty Girl to no end.

He had to smell every thing, try to nibble everything.

Had to inspect every little thing.

Then every once in a while, he just needed a little kiss.

 Finally, though this is not the greatest of photos, Big Ole Nasty Dog and Buns like each other.  It kind of symbolizes the Lion lying down with the Lamb.  Well, kind of...
... there's no way Big Ole Nasty Dog could be compared to a lion.  He's more like a scaredy cat.
The sentiments are the same though...

Wishing you peace this Easter Weekend from
Whippoorwill Road, 

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