Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Farmer Jane's Daily Ritual

Every morning, I don my plastic boots and walk over to the garden.
I check for pests, for marauders, for thirst.
So far, so good.  Cross our fingers, knock on wood.

We spread a top dressing of mushroom compost.   
I don't know if this will influence the outcome but it was obviously too late to till.
That big oval light spot?  It's where we ran out of compost.

I pull a little weed here, a little weed there.
As summer draws near, I understand they won't be so little.
And I'll be in a fierce battle to keep garden wreckers at bay.
But for now I'm enjoying 
the tranquility on
Whippoorwill Road.
Farmer Jane


  1. I like your gardens. Very pretty & well taken care of. Blessings!

  2. I can't wait till I can start planting in my garden. After Mother's day is the safe date here in Colorado. I do have some plants started indoors to give them a bit of a head start!

    Your garden looks great!

  3. Looks good, soil is nice and black now like it should be. :)

  4. Hi Bernadine-
    I love your gardens. I especially love the rocked garden area.
    All your property is beautiful.
    I too, love the simple life, Mother nature and animals.
    You have a lovely family.
    Visiting your blog has been a pleasure. I'll be visiting often.
    How fun to meet a new friend!
    Becka- The Girasole Lady

  5. Hi Bernadine, so nice to meet you. Your garden looks so good, and I so agree about how an early garden is easy to keep, but as the weather warms and the rains bring the weeds , as a matter of fact I am looking at one of my gardens as I write this and am so amazed at the weeds that have come since last week. lol i am a little to tired this evening to work them because I have been painting this week.

    I have been looking around your blog and am enjoying it so much.

    Thank you so much for visiting me and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet note.