Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seed Results are coming in

Smarty-Girls' pink zinnia's are sprouting nicely.
We made a "legend" with toothpicks.  That's what the three 'ticks' on the toothpick mean: pink zinnia's.

This is a giant sunflower being born.  Recognizable by the seed capsule still present.
I can't wait to watch the birds eat the seed heads months from now. 

According to Smarty_Girl's "legend", this would be another sunflower.  All her efforts are paying off.
Wait just a minute!... I'd like to know where are the sprouts from the seeds I planted?  
Hmmm... Maybe Smarty-Girl has the greener thumb.  Wouldn't that be grand?  
As for my sprouts...  I'll keep waiting... and watering... and watching...

As far as outdoors: I don't remember planting this type of daffodil.  Yes, it is a daffodil.  
It's beautiful and delicate.  It's also blooming at a time when the geraniums are also blooming in their urns!  
This seasonal overlap gets more interesting every year.

The onions are problem free. 

The lettuce is hanging on, in their crooked little rows.  

And Big Ole' Nasty Dog loves living indoors and now considers himself royalty.  He's even gained the confidence to stare into the camera!

Wishing you successful labors 
from Whippoorwill Road,
Farmer Jane


  1. I like the tooth pick idea! Does Big ole'Nasty Dog have a real name? He does look like he is enjoying the good life!