Monday, April 30, 2012

A Bright and Bitter Day

Saturday morning, as is my custom, I went to water the garden.
Every thing was looking great.  Water sparkling on the leaves, no bug problem, no varmint nibbling away, weeds under control.
The lettuce looked so fresh, so green.  I had to taste a verdant leaf.
And it was... it was... horrible!  
Bitter as bitter could be.  Yuck!  
I sure hope the rest of the veggies don't follow suit, but I have a gnawing feeling they will.  I'm convinced, it's my soil.

To clear my mind and my palate, as is the custom, I took a stroll.  A bright lovely morning...

... until I heard about this hounds escapades!
Big Ole' Nasty Dog looks so serene here, doesn't he?

Nope.  He's looking for the nest of baby rabbits he found.  He thinks little creatures are his playthings.  Baby birds, chickens and now baby rabbits.
While I was at work, Big Ole' Nasty Dog got two of them.  
My husband chased that dog to get him to drop the poor little things but it was too late.
He buried the bunnies after locking the dog in the garage.  He-Man is still traumatized by the event.  He's very upset with Big Ole' Nasty Dog. 
The hound is all healed up from surgery and causing problems already!  (*sigh*)

 On the brighter side, as I was strolling around, with the bitterness of the lettuce on my tongue and the disappointment of our dog in my heart, I noticed activity in this Purple Martin house my husband built years ago.  

... ah ha!  Beautiful Bluebirds using it as their home!

I was thrilled.  I don't know if there is just the one pair or what.
Either way, it made the day a little bit brighter.

I hope your day, your garden and your dog is sweet and bright.
love from Whippoorwill Road,


  1. well, i don't know if it'll make you feel any better (probably worse) but my big dog, baron, managed to kill 3 recently fledged baby bluebirds. so the cycle continues...

    1. Oh how sad! I'm going to keep my eye on our dog a little closer now when he's outside. It's funny, but he's so gentle and submissive to our pet rabbit, Buns. Maybe because he knows Buns lives inside and he's the guest!

  2. Poor bunnies, but he is only doing what is natural for him.