Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Trip to An Organic Farm

He-Man and I have been watching great documentaries about food.
Food sources, food conglomerates, food production...
It's been an eye opening, jaw dropping, heart breaking, awe inspiring learning experience for us.
Thursday, he surprised me by booking a tour to a local organic farm called "Indian Creek Angus".  Yes, there is a creek called by that name on this property.   

Meet Carol, our guide.  In her former life she was a college professor.  Now, she's a farmer and loving every minute. 
She, her husband, Dennis and other family members own and operate this farm.

She loves everything about this life.  She loves the land, the work and especially, she loves the cows.

Their fields are lush.  They don't use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or weed killer on their pastures.
Their cows are healthy. They are hormone, antibiotic and steroid free.
And they are friendly.  Very, very friendly.

This one was curious as to who we were. 
She crept closer and closer, just to check us out.

Carol explained how each cow has it's own personality.
They have best friends and form attachments.

She drove us to see different pastures and different groups of cows. 
She's opening a gate to an area that has mothers and babies.

She gently shooed them aside so Richard could drive the farm vehicle through.
She offered to let me drive, but I was afraid my foot would slip, I would panic with the bolt of the engine, lose control, ram into a precious creature and accelerate down the embankment into the creek headfirst all the while yelling, "NO. NO. NOOOoooooo."
So I politely declined.

We learned about breeds, traits, genetics... (in lay-mens terms, of course.)

As we listened and learned, we took in all this peaceful beauty. 
The grass smelled good, the air was crisp and the clouds provided perfect shade.

He-Man got involved in a small farm chore.  He's filling the salt bucket dispenser, the salt licker hanger, the thingamajig,  the whachamacallit, the whachamadigger, the humdinger...  oh, whatever!
Anyway, he's putting salt out for the cows.

We drove to yet another pasture.
Carol opened a gate, drove back to the cows and the excitement began.  
After preparing her voice, she called to them and they followed her.  

They were excited to graze in fresh grass.
You could see it in their steps.  They kicked up their heels.
They actually looked giddy.

Grazing on a bed clover...  aahhhh. 
Doesn't that sound delightful?  For a cow, I mean.

This is the big guy.  The father of some beautiful light gray babies. He'll be retired from his job soon.  But for now, he's doing a fine job.
Fresh, healthy, happy, organic, 100% grass fed cows.  
Beef.  It's what's for dinner.
What?!...  Who said that?!...  Where'd that come from?!
Oh my!

It was a Bovine-tiful day
away from 
Whippoorwill Road,
p.s. if you'd like more information or your own personal tour, go to


  1. Thanks for the tour! maybe someday I will have pasture that great. In the meantime, I am still waiting for it to grow.

  2. what a wonderful place - and a gorgeous herd! :)

  3. Enjoyed this adventure you shared. I have like cows since I can remember. There was pasture across the road from my Grams kitchen window. She took me to visit them. I would like to have one here at the homestead. For now I have enjoyed these. Blessings!

  4. Hi Bernadine..
    I thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.
    My daughter lives in Georgia and has for years. She loves it too.
    This was a neat post. I enjoyed every minute of my visit! :)
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. I love the sweet faces of these lovely cows!

    I will be having a Mother's Day giveaway this next Friday with glimpses of whats up for grabs all this week. :)c

  6. Looks like you had a fun trip, I google'd it to see how far away it was from us. Just a little too far for a day trip, but I will keep it in mind next time I am up that way.