Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Dog Vigil

Big Ole' Nasty Dog had surgery today.  A fatty tumor had to be removed.  

This is him soon after his return home.  He's what I call a "fresh post-op".
Best thing for him: sleep.  In preparation for this day we:  #1) bought him a new egg crate mattress to lie on; #2) got him professionally groomed on Tuesday so he would feel clean while recuperating; #3) bought him a new red dog collar for the same reason as #2; and #4)  we're keeping the house nice and quiet in order to create a "healing" environment.
He's loaded up on pain meds now along with the after-effects of anesthesia.

We're just reassuring him that he's home and he's loved.

Since he's in the "Elizabethan" collar, only one person can look directly into his face at a time.  Well... technically, that is.  The grown "kids" figured out a different way.  They pile on top of each other to share the view.  
He'll be watched over all night long.  It's the dog vigil.
Keeping it nice and quiet on 
Whippoorwill Road,

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