Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rambunctious Buns II

Uh-Oh...  Buns is at it again.  Getting into and onto places he shouldn't.
My big concern is not that he's discovered how to jump on the coffee table but that he'll chew on my antique wooden tray.  
Therefore, if Buns is out of his cage, free roaming, I'm monitoring his every move.  

Crazy Buns looks like he's playing Ring Around The Rosy.

That's a very important "vignette" he's messing around with there. 
We often watch movies with all the lights out and candles lit. 
Decorated matches were kept in the bird stand for convenience of lighting the candles.  But he'd grab them with his mouth, carry them off and have a quick munch or two.  I had to take them away.  

He's looking for his "no-no sneaky treat".  

Buns is bummed.  This is his look of disappointment.  He'll just have to get over it:  A movie is coming on and it's time to grab the matches, shut off the lights and fire up the candles.

I hope you're enjoying your entertainment this Sunday evening.
Love from Whippoorwill Road,