Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Follow Up: Wisteria, Nests, Daughter Planting

The nest on our front porch keeps getting taller.

This little mother remains hard at work.  I'm sure she has several little peepers in there.  

She's a diligent little mother.

On a totally different note: my husband found this nest in our garage, above his weed eater machine.  He thought it was empty so... (sniff, sniff), he threw it away yesterday.  
I looked in the garbage because I love to look at nests and thought it would be better to use it in the compost bin.  At first it did look empty.  But I found the opening, and to my great sadness, found this little egg.  
I cried.  
I cried for the mother and cried for the egg.
I put the nest in the compost bin after looking at the hard work this little mother put into it's creation.  
I put the egg among parakeet and cockatiel eggs I kept from previous pets.  I still feel sad.  I need medication.

When I mentioned yesterday about the out of control wisteria we have in this region, I thought I would try to capture what I mean:

It's pretty but it's everywhere.

 We have a saying here in the house.  It goes like this: "It's All About The Girl".  Because we were insecure that the seeds she planted yesterday were too old, we went out today to buy fresh seed.  And fresh garden soil.  And a seed starter kit.  And even more seeds.

But I don't mind.  I mean, look at her...

... all concentration.  And joy.

Hoping all our efforts bloom 
on Whippoorwill Road,

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