Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hanging Out on a Sunday

Another son is home visiting and once again, it's time to welcome him home, family style.

This is serious brother bonding time.  

It goes some thing like this: "Hey, how's it goin', man?"  
"Good, dude. How's it goin' for you?"

"It's goin' alright.  Whatcha' been up to?"  
"Nothin' much.  Whatch' you been up to?"

"Nothin' much.  Lookin' for a new job..." 
And it goes like this the whole time the Lacrosse ball goes back and forth.  Back and forth.

Then later, we are bombarded by what I call, 'THE SWARM'.
Great. (*sigh*)  We have a visitor.

Just what we need: another dog.  My son's dog is very excited.

My son's dog runs, plays, growls and wrestles the visitor.  

Our dog is bored (yawn).
He is having no part of the action.

"Does anybody see what's going on here?"

The visitor seems to be thinking, "I'd like to be included."

My son's dog seems to be thinking, "Really?  Do we have to do this, NOW?"

Eldest-Son wants to show the world that his dog is not the vicious, food grubbing mongrel that I make him out to be.
Smarty-Girl doesn't want to show the world that she's still in her PJ's at 3 in the afternoon.
New-Man wants to show the world that'll he'll always rise to the position of 'Protector'.  'Hero'.  'Guardian of the Under Dressed'.

Don't try this at home.


Lips still intact!  Even after several demonstrations.

Will the house remain intact, is the better question.
Eldest-Son and New-Man continue the male bonding by a vigorous game of wrestling.
Please note the scene here:  
Two men on the floor, creating havoc.
Buns slightly behind them.
Smarty-Girl on the computer, cautioning Buns to stay clear of the mayhem.
He-Man un-phased by any of the hoopla going on around him.
Watch him....

Are you watching He-Man?

Impressive, isn't it?  No matter the chaos, not one muscle moves.  Not one twitch, one shudder.  This is pure calm in the midst of a storm.

Finally, one of them is down for the count.  Buns tries to revive him.
Where was Next-Son, Clay during all this?
Just yards away in the guest room, sleeping!  Soundly!  

Family dinner.  Now a rare occurrence except for holidays.  Such a treasure.  
Here's some of the topics of conversation at this dinner table:  Battlestar Galactica, Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit', The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Avatar... 
Then it evolved into politics, oil, alternative fuel...

Until Next-Son,Clay gets up to find Eldest-Son, Chase's watch chewed up by Buns.  
Which prompts him to discuss his fantasy to coat his watch with hot sauce in order to teach Buns a lesson.  
Which prompts Smarty-Girl to passionately discuss the cruelty of animal testing.  Especially on rabbits since they have no tear ducts and their eyes can't water.  She continues to describe they can't vomit either and they can have digestive problems.  
Which prompts her to cry just thinking about the cruelty of it all.  
Which prompts her two brothers to break into hefty laughter.   

Which prompts Clay to say I've become a heartless blogger.  
My daughter's crying and I'm snapping pictures.  
Which prompts me to laugh....  

These 'kids' are so fun to hang with
on Whippoorwill Road.

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