Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's a Miracle-My Daughter is Planting

My daughter has firmly let me know she does not like to go in the sun, especially when it is hot outside.  
She loves beautiful views though and will readily capture them as I'm driving.  Like this view of the gourd birdhouses.

Beautiful wisteria.  In Massachusetts, this was a real challenge to grow.  I went to classes from learned professionals on how to get wisteria to bloom.  It's a speciality in itself.

Here in the south, it's quite a different story.  It grows everywhere.
When I mentioned to a landscaper I wanted to plant wisteria, he frowned deeply and told me it was an invasive weed.  I would live to regret it.  
Since then, I've heard of horror stories of wisteria growing into people's homes!  
In Georgia, we have wisteria forests!  It's so beautiful but it does take over.  Eventually it smothers and kills trees.  Right now, wisteria is blooming every where.  It makes for a very scenic drive.
Imagine large curtains of wisteria blooming along roads and highways.

It's time to tidy up the yard.  This is 'Tree Man' in late fall.  Clean shaven.
Already, the ivy had grown where it covered his 'face'.  I should have taken a before photo.  Time for a haircut.  
I think he needed a fresh, more sophisticated look.  So....

...I gave him a mustache for this season!  Something different.

And here's the miracle:  my daughter is outside, planting seeds!  I was thrilled.  And moved.  And hopeful.

One day...

...she'll love being outside...

...growing beautiful things.   Can't you just envision it?  I can.

It's my little miracle on Whippoorwill Road,

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