Saturday, December 17, 2011

She's off to LA

Smarty girl began packing for her whirlwind trip to California.  
She's earned this adventure, working so hard at school.

Buns had to inspect every item.  
He had to make sure she had all the necessities.

Casual Tees?-Check...

Ooh, wait a minute, ... Wait a minute.  
Hold the phone!
What's that smell?

Yay!  It's breakfast!  

Ooh, I want some, I want some...

Whatcha' got there?  Let me see...

Ooh, Ooh...
Now that's some interesting (and delicious stuff).
Smarty girl looks somewhat dismayed. 

Thanks.  Now I have to rest.  
All that inspection and nibbling has me tuckered out.

Please, keep the blanket fluffed.

And yes, I do appreciate a stroke or two.  

Ahhhh, living the good life on Whippoorwill Road. 
 Hope you do the same,

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