Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas at Whippoorwill Road

Christmas at Whippoorwill Road

I'm becoming a serious Bah Hum-bug kind of person.  Every year I find it more unpleasant to decorate for that high pressure season called Christmas.
I love what Christmas represents but I am really beginning to dislike all that goes with it.  
So, I recruited Man-Child i.e : Colson.  Actually, I put a guilt whammy on him to decorate the tree.  
He-Man, ie Richard, actually put up the tree but then claimed he didn't know how to put the lights on.
Man-Child came to the rescue:

  I finished things off with a Hodge Podge Motif.  A scrambled mishmash of stored away, synthetic, symbolic things.

A male and female pheasant that would have looked great on a Thanksgiving table arrangement.

A birdhouse with some very shiny grape clusters.  Why not?  

Some burgundy and forest green pearled stockings with bright red berries in a mantle garland.  
Why not?

Going along with the psycho motif, let's add some fake snow, miniature houses, a fake topiary... and 
Voila!  A cozy Holiday setting.  Albeit, sans Flow.

I really think a Tartan ribbon would look so much better here.  
Wait, wait, wait...  I'm not getting involved... nope.  No more adding to the Christmas junk.  Enough!

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your labors of Holiday love.
Hats off to you.  Love,
Bah Humbug Bernadine
I mean, Bernadine

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