Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a Boy

It's a Boy...

After a trip to the vet yesterday, it was confirmed.  Buns is a bouncing baby boy!

We had suspected.  He's a typical boy... into everything.
A natural explorer.


Jumps all over the place.  Investigates every thing.

He wants to know every thing you're eating and drinking. 

He even likes to know the websites you're viewing.

Then, if he doesn't like the websites, he deletes them.

 When he feels like it's time to put away the camera, he starts playing Tug O' War with the camera strap.

Then when Man-Child eats breakfast, Buns wants in on the action. 

He'll keep on asserting himself...

Until the Man-Child gives in and gives him a sample. 

Then it's on the next victim:  Man of Steel, i.e. my nephew, Grayson.            

Then the boys have to bond by playing around.  Buns can hold his own.  

Just what this house needs: more testosterone.  

Have a lovely day.  I'll be picking up poop pellets and dropping them in the ivy. :-)


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