Monday, December 12, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Card


This morning I spent some time sending Christmas cards to family and to a very few select friends.  Key words?  Very few...
It's a nice way to let others know you're thinking of them and genuinely hoping they have a special Christmas and Holiday season.

A few years ago, we were in the throws of a family tragedy  and I couldn't be bothered with sending cards.
One day, while in Atlanta commiserating, we were surprised and delighted by this sight.  
It became my email Christmas card to an even smaller number of select family and friends.
I think I sent it to four people.   
I hope you enjoy a revision of my favorite Christmas card... ever.  

Twas the season of Christmas and it was all stress.
The wind was a blowing and chilly at best.
When all of a sudden, out the restaurant we see...
a group of young men running with glee.
Just about naked, with smiles and applause,
Hats off to them, to represent Clause. 
I hooted and hollered like a sailor on leave,
as these young men ran joyfully past me.

With pasties and scarves and all sorts of attire,
they ran for a cause, I'm sure to inspire. 

Run men, run women, run one and all. 
Now dash away, dash away, 
in life have a ball.

Thanks for the memories, 
thanks for the cheer.
You were a highlight,
on a day o' so drear. 

 Merry Christmas, Merry Kwanzaa, Happy Hannakuh too,
I wish you the best of the Holidays.  
I really do. 

Love, Bernadine
Spreading peace and joy on Whippoorwill Road 

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