Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Different Types of Produce

Last month we visited Indian Creek Angus Farm.  We finally ordered a side of beef.  He-Man picked it up on Friday.  He took this one photo with his cell phone since I couldn't go with him and I'm totally appreciative.  "A" for effort!

We are the proud owners of a freezer full of 100% grass fed, organic beef.  
I think we have enough beef for a year... maybe more...  if I can keep carnivorous He-Man from eating red meat every day.

It was beautifully packaged and labeled and it's delicious.
Ever say to yourself, "I wish I knew then what I know now."?  
Had I known then, I would have been feeding my family with this type of product long before, when they were just small children.

Then on Saturday, we made more pure Lavender scented Olive Oil soap.  Soothing and gentle.

We smoothed it out.

We made enough for 39 bars of Lavender soap.

Richard also made 12 bars of "He-Man" soap: Eucalyptus with coffee grinds.  Invigorating and exfoliating.

Sunday morning, I went to the garden in the rain.  Let me paint you a picture: I'm in my pajamas, a large plastic rain jacket, and plastic rain boots that are cracking and letting water in.  The rain jacket hood is so large it keeps falling over my face.

I keep pushing it back from my eyes to see what I'm grabbing.  I'm hunched in the dirt, holding other veggies in my hand, trying to pull off a squash blindly.  Just as I locate my target, I grab on and give it a yank.  
It gives way, I lose my balance and topple right over on my butt!
I can't believe I just fell in the mud.  I can just picture the headlines down the road in my life:  Little Old Lady found lying in garden, wearing pajamas with fractured hip. 
I quickly right myself up, look over at the nearest neighbor's house and offer up gratitude that there are woods separating us and scurried back to the house.

This was the total harvest of the day:  first pick during the rain...

...second pick when the rain had stopped.

That brings me to this morning.  
Let me paint you another picture:
It's hot and steamy outside from all that rain.  Muggy would be the word here.
But I'm having a "good hair" day. 
Which is: 1) rare and 2) doesn't say much 'cause I don't have the "good hair" gene anyway.
In my book, muggy and "good hair" are mortal enemies.  
So, to keep mugginess at bay and my hair from frizzing up, I don a shower cap and walk out to the garden.
This time, I don't even look towards the woods to see if a neighbor is outside.  
Because if she were, I'd think she'd understand.

Love from
Whippoorwill Road, 


  1. oh, i am so laughing out loud!!! you're too dang funny!

    and congrats on the beef AND the soap!

    1. I'm glad if I brought a smile (or more) to your day. I try to laugh at myself too, but sometimes, I just do the darn-dest things and want to crawl into a cave (or just become a recluse).

  2. Wow, that is a lot of beef. Where are you going to put your veggies? I checked out their website, pretty interesting stuff.

    1. Kris, I eat all the veggies! I have a few bags of squash cryovac'd in there but not much. One would think I would be rail thin eating so many veggies, but alas, NO!

    2. Oh, and one more thing, Kris... yes, that is a lot of beef. One whole side of a cow! (Because members of my extended family weren't ready to take the plunge.) :-)

  3. Hi Bernadine, the beef neatly packed and stacked in the freezer looks great, and your soap so pretty! Lavender is my favorite scent for soap!

    The story of your adventure in the garden sounds like some of mine! we were lucky there were no cameras standing by!~smile!
    Enjoy your week.

    1. Yep, I'm all set on beef for quite some time. Thanks for the nice comments about the soap. It's only our second time making it. We were a lot more confident this time, knowing what to expect. I hope you have a great week as well.

  4. Oh Bernadine- I can so relate to your story. Gosh yes- I have been there myself. Your veggies are lovely. I wanted to smell your lavender soap too. I love a full freezer and pantry, such a comfort feeling. Do you do some food preserving (canning)? If so, we have lots to talk about. Would you mind sharing your soap recipe, and any tips for making?
    Have a great day.
    Hugs- Becka

  5. Good Morning Becka, I just sent you an email with the soap recipe we use. If you have any questions about it, I'll answer as best I can OR I'll turn it over to my husband who looks at making soap like a small chemistry experiment. I have not canned any of my produce yet. I would really like to but have to buy a canner first. I want to also learn to make my own jam, jellies and preserves. Along with my own wine from my own vineyard... oops, I'm getting ahead of myself....

  6. Your painted picture sounds so funny. I hope you did not get hurt. I can smell the lavender soap from here....mmmmm. That's a lot of meat but looks so fressh and organized...Christine

  7. I love your soap mold! It's gorgeous. Love the idea of he-man soap too. If I can ever get back to soap making ......

    The full freezer and garden veggies are a treat. You must feel awfully good about it all.