Friday, June 1, 2012

The Free Yard Sale

My parents neighbors are moving to tropical Naples, Florida.
Weeks ago they had a massive yard sale.  I'm sure it was great.
I wasn't there.
But, this past Tuesday, my sisters, my daughter, my mom and I were invited over to pick up anything we wanted that was left over - FREE of charge.
Whatever we didn't want, was going to be hauled to a thrift store.  Here's a sample of what we hauled home: 

Great heart.  My wheels are turning...  where/how/when to use this?
(Or I'll probably give it to someone who really loves hearts.)

Loved the nest, the eggs, the little angel and the silhouette.  
Have no idea what to do with the angel and silhouette yet.

Brand new grill set for the husband, monogrammed linen hand towel, and a great splatterware tea kettle for Fourth of July decor, maybe?

Movies to watch.  Oh, there were lots more.  My daughter put those in her room quickly.

Cute things I will do something with for the Fourth of July, on the front porch.

The big hydrangeas?  My daughter scooped them up for her dorm room window.  

 A bag of brand new gift bags and some decent size spools of tulle.  I was just in need of gift bags of various sizes and some tulle.
No, really.  I was.

I also got some great oak rockers.  I'll show those later.
We left behind so much.  Like a sewing machine, a Martha Stewart flower press (still in the box), a video projector, a wicker table and chairs,  a cedar chest... 
But my all time favorite piece, my treasure of the day was...
...this little wooden bird.

I just love this little thing.  So rustic.  So natural.  
Beauty in the imperfection.  

Enjoying the free things in life
 on Whippoorwill Road,


  1. i LOVE that bird!!! i WANT that bird!!! :)

  2. Those are such great finds! How generous of them to let you come and grab what you wanted. That bird would have been the first thing I took. :)

  3. Wow, what fun! I hope your folks like Florida.

  4. Hi Bernadine, FREE is one of favorite words and others are Thirft Store, clearance and sale (although these are not usually as good as the other words). Enjoyed poking around your blog after dropping in from Mona's Wspersweetly of Cottages latest post. We have a couple of blog friends in GA (Stone Mtn and Norcross) and a cousin (Norcross). We've visited a couple of times, but never in summer which is just as hot (maybe notter?) as the eastern shore of VA where we now live (formerly lived in NJ) BUT we hope to relocate to NH...soon as we can sell our old (lovely) Victorian home here :-) Please do feel free to drop by anytime for a visit as we sure do like drop-in's a southern thing!

  5. Oh goodness- how exciting! What great finds, and free is even better yet. Oh - if only I were your neighbor, what great fun we would have. Your garden is looking wonderful, and yummy.
    I'll be visiting again soon.
    The Girasole Lady

  6. Okay Bernadine, I am sitting here drooling over your treasures, and the red kettle i especially like, your bird is special too. I love free stuff, and j had something similar to happen to me recently, this time from my sister. I hope to share and I am looking forward to seeing your rockers.
    Thanks for coming by and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet note, I have been offline most days lately and haven't had a chance to visit in blogland, but hope that will soon change. lol