Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just to Make You Smile...

This is out of the box, out of the blue, out of the ordinary...
but I just wanted to start out with something beautiful.

Look who I finally caught on camera!  So far, the liquid fence has been keeping him out of the garden.  

Now on to the ugly.  Look what I've found on my pole beans!!!  Ahhh... this does not look good.  What the heck are these things?  Anyone know?
Update:  I think these are Kudzu bugs.  An invasive Asian species plaguing Georgia.  

Then it's either them or something else that's creating this:  chewed leaves folded over...

And when you unfurl the leaf... a little green worm with a black head or is it a little black poop?
What in the world!?!
I would appreciate your help in identifying this creature.
Update:  I think this is some kind of leaf roller.  Which one?  I'm not sure of yet.

The string beans are doing better and better.  All recovered now and producing.

Here's yesterday's morning harvest.  The onion is a little small but I tend to pluck them early.  I have a hard time waiting.

At the close of yesterday, I knew what I had to do in the morning...

At the first light of day,
Smarty Girl and I will be heading out to the garden with torches and pitchforks to oust the pests.
Maybe some soapy water too.
Now you see why I had to start with something beautiful?
Off to conquer on Whippoorwill Road,
Farmer Jane
aka: Bernadine


  1. wish i could help you with the pests. aphids, maybe? good luck eradicating them!

    i saw that young man on AGT. it was really great and unexpected.

  2. My daughter and I were so teary eyed watching this on YouTube. We missed it on TV. I think that was the beauty of it all- unexpected!

  3. Good luck with the eradication!

  4. Saw him on America's Got Talent, quite by accident and was blown away. What a gift! Thank you for the video link.

    Bugs, ugh, why do we have to have them? The bad ones of course, ha.

    That last picture of the trees, wow, just wow. That's like one of the pictures I would post for my inspiration thursday feature. Those kinds of pictures are what inspire me.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. The picture you like is of my front yard. I love sitting in the dining room and looking out over that scene. Sometimes, there's deer out by the pond which is a treat to watch. Those bugs are a new invasive species to the USA... "ugh" is right!