Monday, June 18, 2012

Zip Lining for Fathers Day

For Fathers' Day weekend, I took the family on a zip lining adventure.
We went to Historic Banning Mills in Whitesburg, Georgia with the extended family.
Some of the family camped.  We rented a cabin.

We arrived Friday afternoon.  Here's a few shots of our nice rustic lodgings.

It was comfortable.  This was the downstairs bedroom.

The loft had three beds.  

From the loft looking into the living and dining area.  Loved the fireplace.

The kids went kayaking and paddle boating in the lake.

Very quickly they found a rope swing.

Family came from South Florida and from around Georgia.  It was nice for the adults and children to catch up on life sitting around a campfire and making s'mores.

Saturday morning, we gathered for the zip lining adventure.
This is my Aunt Barbara (the purple arrow is pointing at her).  She's the hero of the group.  In a little while, I'll tell you why.

We received instructions from our guides, put on gear and, if someone needed help, we checked each other.

When this picture was taken, we had no idea what we were in for.

That's me probably on the first zip line in Level One.  Oh yes, there are five levels!

Some endured the first level, aka the instructional level.  That was it for them.  After that, they dropped their gear.  They were done...for the rest of their lives!

I was done after Level Two.  I had my fill.  I enjoyed crossing the life threatening bridges and zipping through the trees.  It was just that first step off the platform that became increasingly terrifying for me.  I had to encourage my daughter to push me off the platform because I would freeze.  

Remember my Aunt Barbara?  She's 76 years 'young'.  She went on to Level Four!!!  You reach speeds of 60-70 miles per hour and the last zip line is half a mile long!
This is her sailing by while we're screaming her name.
My children are so impressed and amazed by her.

Later we gathered to unwind, grill and laugh.

Then on Sunday, my daughter and I took a hike on the trail.

Very interesting ruins.  I imagine all the heavy labor it took to construct.

We hiked by the river, climbed rocks, explored, huffed and puffed all the way back to the cabin.  Then it was packing up, more visiting and time to say goodbye.  

And when I arrived home, the first thing I did was check the garden.  This is what was waiting.  My first Roma tomatoes!  Delicious.

I hope you had a great weekend.  Bye for now.  
Owww... my stomach muscles are sore today... 

From Whippoorwill Road, 


  1. wow! that is some weekend adventure! i love your aunt barbara! i want to grow up to be just like her!!! :)

    1. Me and you both! She was incredible. Me, I'm a little more chicken.

  2. Bernadine- what a beautiful place and amazing cabin. What a great time you and your family had. I would have been terrified of the Zip Line. I'm not so sure I would have even tried it. Good for you!
    Yum- my mouth is watering for your tomatoes.
    Hugs- Becka

    1. The zip lining wasn't so bad. It was the bridges getting to the platform that was the most difficult. Though it was scary, I'm glad I attempted it. Have a great day.

  3. I enjoyed every minute of my visit. What a great post. It's been so long since I went camping..and the home you stayed in was beautiful. Just gorgeous. I'm 76 in October and scared to death of I also admire your Aunt!! A kitchen stool is as high as I ever care to go...and that is nearly too much for me! Tell her she has a fan here! :)