Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Thrill of the Hunt

See this beautiful girl?
We hunted hours yesterday in a mall for 
certain needed attire.
The only thing we came away with
was very sore feet.

This elder-son of ours was here last night.
He likes to mess with his big "little" brother.

Last month, he hunted and bagged his first wild boar.
Elder-Son brought home bags and bags of defrosted pork that wouldn't fit in his new apartment's fridge and freezer.
(Three pork loins, 5 bags of smaller cuts and two summer sausages)

This is my sister and her husband.
They are the parents of Man of Steel, Grayson.
We were off early this morning to hunt and bag something for ourselves as well.

 Where else?  
In a club featuring the name of a well known hunter.

We stalked out our prey early.

Got front row seats...
Then... the hunting began!

This precious goat cart got away!

So did a few other items we were interested in.

We left empty handed.

Remember that wild boar?
I had to cook it all when I got home.
Hours and hours of cooking.
Yay for me! 

I have no idea what I'm doing.
None, whatsoever.
Three roasts in the oven, two skillets on the stove...
and if I could have found my old crock pot, I would have used that too.

A couple of pieces came out rubbery.   
I overcooked them.  
Gave those to the dogs. 
The rest came out delicious, so says New-Man, Colson.
Now, it's time to get out of the kitchen, have a glass of wine, relax and put my feet up. 
Next month we go hunting again for the kind of prey that requires no culinary skills. 

 FromWhippoorwill Road,

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