Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Great Wall of B

Several years ago, I showed my husband these pictures of a stone wall from Southern Living magazine.  I loved the stone steps.  
We had an area we "climbed" up everyday to access the backyard.  It was screaming for this kind of set up.  

Southern LIving

Southern LIving

We spent several months driving around the area looking at several stone walls.  In peoples yards, in apartment complexes, fast food restaurants and in businesses.  
My husband saw the photos, all those stone walls and was radically inspired.

We finally got some financial quotes about recreating the look.  The price was always out of our reach.  
In a moment of clarity (or insanity) my husband declares he can build it himself.
I would like to share, up to this point he had never built a stone wall.  He had never built stone steps either.

Over the next several months (seven, I believe) he proceeded to take my idea and create his vision.  First, he leveled the yard and laid a concrete footer.

He cut into the "climb up" area and poured  concrete steps.

The wall kept growing and growing.

We rounded the corner of the patio to follow the curve of the wall.
Our dog is probably wondering, "Where in the world did all the grass go?"   
It just so happens every time it rained, all the top soil would run like a red river straight into the pond.  I can imagine the experienced neighbors hanging their heads thinking, "Where's the wheat straw to hold everything in place?"  I bet that pond has some of our best soil sitting in it.  I've been so tempted to dredge it all back out... perhaps one day.

After the footers and the concrete block wall was laid, it came time to cover everything with manufactured stone.

Now you have to understand, my husband is like a hound dog hot on the trail of a raccoon when it comes to searching out deals.  He found a place that had leftover stone from large jobs.  He scooped it up at a fraction of the original cost.
Every stone was hand cut to fit an exact spot.  Bit by bit the wall gets a stone facelift.

Then, he looks at the back of the house and feels like it needs a flower bed.  He asks me if I want one.  "Well, Yeah! Sure!", I say.  See the concrete blocks to the right?

Beautiful, isn't it?  Wait.  We're not done.  Not yet!  He envisions a water fountain as a focal point at the top of the stairs.  And since we had three or four children living at home at the time, what about a fire pit so they can roast marshmallows from time to time?

He commences with the fountain.  My request?  Can we top it with a pineapple to show hospitality?

Now it's time for the fire pit.

This was taken early fall when New-Man Colson was simply called Man-Child.  And yes, we use to call him Man-Child.  You can see the fire pit past his shoulder.

I know I can be a little odd at times.  But I can sit on the patio and stare at this wall for hours.  I call it "The Great Wall of B..."  Not because of my first name.  Our last name begins with a "B" too.  At times, I call it "The Great Wall of Richard".  Every piece, every placement, all the colors, shapes...  I just love it.   What a He-Man!

We are downright proud!
I hope you always feel welcome on 
Whippoorwill Road,

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