Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Breaking Ground

Breaking ground...literally.

He-Man begins to plow up the ground. He insists that 
two 10x4 ft. rectangles are too small.
"Okay, but everyone tells me to start small."
He wins out and the new dimensions are 12x4 ft. each.
Oh, and the compost bin is already half full.

Thanks for the loaner, Dad.  It works great.

 This is a good starter size.  There will be a two foot perimeter around the whole garden and a two foot path dividing the two beds.
We will line them with landscape fabric to deter weeds, keep mowers away and define the space.
We've limed the soil, there was a nice little drizzle to moisten the ground and now we plan the next steps.
ie: getting water to the area, fencing...
(Richard is going to be so relieved when I go back to work.)

While relaxing on the back porch, this little yellow bird came to the feeder.  It's the second day I've seen it.
I tried to capture it on my cell phone.  I looked images up but I'm not sure. 
Any ideas?  

It's a strikingly yellow green bird.  I wish I had a better photo.  

I like to relax outside after all the hard work and take it all in: the sights, the sounds, the smells.  He-Man, on the other hand, is done with the outdoors and showers as quickly as possible to retreat indoors. 
Now look what I would have missed had I done the same.

It was a nice day on Whippoorwill Road.  
Hope yours was too.

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