Sunday, February 26, 2012

For the Record

I would like to formally say...

...I am keenly aware that our furniture...

...and our carpet color...

...are totally outdated.

These colors are so old, they are ugly.
 I mean, who has a burgundy couch anymore?
And an emerald green carpet?  Please!

Plus, yellow walls in the living room, navy walls in the formal dining room 
and a forest green kitchen with black appliances does not a showroom make. 

I would also like to state for the record, that we bought the house this way and have not painted anything except the master bedroom and several bathrooms.
I actually liked the colors the former owners chose.  To me, it was better than inheriting a bland beige interior.

And as far as the sofa goes, it's just not the color but the fabric is beginning to shred from 15 years of daily use!

The only good thing about having "old" stuff is that you're free of worry.
You don't have to worry about scratches, dings,  or the occasional spill.
I use to get so stressed about stuff like that.  I didn't want the furniture to get damaged or the floors to get "ruined". 

Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in taking care of what you have.
But eventually, no matter how well you care for them most things age, fall apart, become threadbare and go out of fashion .
Most of my home has reached that point!

So, as I grow more acutely and painfully aware of this, I am faced with a dilemma:

1) Do I purchase all new furniture and have to worry about the Buns nibbling on the fabric or sampling the wood?

Once again, for the record, thank goodness we didn't opt for a puppy or a full grown indoor dog!  Imagine the chew marks, the "accident's", the mess of an upset tummy!  No thanks.  Rabbits don't vomit, hardly shed, don't make noise, and potty train themselves.  

2) How do I change this without acquiring debt?
Who wants that added burden?  Especially with the economy so questionable.
With a daughter in college and a son about to enter college, what's a mother to do?...

Absolutely, nothing. 
Not now, anyways.  

The sofa is still comfortable, especially for lying down.  The carpet must have been from a great manufacturer and high quality because even though it's close to 20 years old, it has yet to get worn down or show a path.  Plus, being dark green, it's very assertive at letting us know it's time to vacuum.  No hiding dirt here.

So, in the meantime, we'll just keep relaxing and taking it easy in our  "vintage" home. 
There are bigger things to fret over than furniture and floors.

Just keeping it real on Whippoorwill Road,


  1. oh, your bunny is beautiful! we had friends that had an indoor bunny. the only bad habit she had was chewing on the molding and lower wooden furniture pieces. :)

    (did you know you have word verification enabled on your blog?)

    1. He is a great bunny. We have to watch him carefully when he's out of his cage. No, I did not know about the word verification. I'm very new to this. I'll check into it. Thanks for sending a comment. I appreciate it.