Friday, February 17, 2012

The Birds

The mysterious yellow green bird was back at the feeder.
This is a bad picture.  I tried to enhance it.


It's bad, I know.  
But it was taken between slats in a blind and a dirty glass window.
Stepping on tippy toes and holding my breath.

I could spend the whole day just watching these little things.
(They make quite the mess, don't they?)

This little thing hit the screen too hard.  

It was stunned.  Little chickadee needed a moment to collect itself...

...figure out what happened and catch it's breath.  Then off it flew.

Then I thought that I have a lot of birds in the house too.
Birds that hold matches...

...that hang on walls...

...that perch on furniture and all sorts of places.

I have so many birds.  They're all over the place.
I'll show them later.  First, I'll have to dust.  
I don't want to.  (That's for the birds.)

Love fromWhippoorwill Road,

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