Saturday, May 26, 2012


This morning, look what I found!
Zucchini- half eaten:
 Cucumbers- ripped from the soil.  And eaten.

Beans: eaten.
What in the world!  A famished family of something or another must have come through and gotten their fill.
It's not deer.  No hoof prints.  It's not rabbits.  No poop.  Hmmm...  time for fencing.

In the meantime, I picked more lettuce.  This will be for lunch or dinner.

And I quickly picked the largest zucchini and squash, with a dash of basil.

C'est la vie
on Whippoorwill Road,
'Farmer Jane'
aka Bernadine


  1. Racoons maybe? Buy a Havahart trap from Home Depot and trap whatever it is, that is what I do, or that is what I try to do at least.

  2. must be a rodent of some sort! :)

  3. For heavens sake! Not deer? That was a pretty large Zuchini. Whatever it was that got it was NOT small. No prints? What a mystery. I would have been upset. What a lovely garden..
    I think the ladies above are was some something like they mention.
    My veggies are growing in pots..but that probably won't keep them safe.