Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The First Zucchini and Squash

This is the morning I've been looking forward to for days and days!
Every morning since the yellow flowers appeared, I've been hovering.

Hovering over the squash... the lettuce... the onions... and...

... well, you know,  EVERYTHING!  
These are exciting times on Whippoorwill Road. 
I'm hovering over these peppers!

And these tomatoes and these basil plants.

I'm so thankful the hovering paid off!  
Along with the rain, the watering, the soil, the sunlight, ...

Time for a veggie breakfast
on Whippoorwill Road.
'Farmer Jane'
aka: Bernadine


  1. What a perfectly beautiful garden..and those veggies have the beauty of a rose! I have squash blossoms too..but so far nothing. No peppers..I need MORE pots! :)
    I think you are going to love those tiny gardening things..especially on moss under glass! On a temporary basis, of course. Did you see them on my daughers table?? That is where I first discovered them. Of course hers is not like mine..but ..I'm just glad I found the ones I did..I found others but they didn't look real or of the same quality.

    :) Mona

  2. Looks good, your peppers are much better looking than mine are right now. It is amazing how quick things take off.

  3. Seeing the fruits of your labor is exciting. I to planted my basil & toms together. Looks so pretty. I read in a garden book planting them together gives them a better taste. I guess we will soon find out. Your pepper plants are way ahead of mine. Fresh veggies are a treat. Blessings!