Monday, September 17, 2012

Paths in the Woods

Last week He-Man and I went to the Georgia State Botanical Garden.  We are fortunate that the State Garden is only twenty minutes away.  We strolled through the Shade Garden.  I love the paths here.  There are several other gardens too but this is my favorite.
There are paths for the rain waters.

Paths of ground covering.

Paths to inspire of what can be done in my own woods.

Someone placed flowers here.  Perhaps they loved this tree.  Or perhaps they just wanted others to be pleasantly surprised.

On the way to the Cafe, there is a beautiful statuary representing a children's field trip.

I just love how it expresses children taking in the wonder of nature...

... under the admiring eye of their guide. 

After touring the Shade Garden, we stopped for coffee in the cafe which also houses the Tropical Garden.

When the weather is a little cooler, we'll go back to stroll through the rest of the gardens.

In the meantime, I'm thankful for those who care for such a wonderful place.  

from Whippoorwill Road,


  1. i LOVE the 'stream' of ground cover! and those flowers placed at the stump were a sweet surprise.

  2. What a beautiful place to visit. It looks so peaceful. I love the bronze statues. How fortunate that you live so close...Christine

  3. That looks like one mighty fine place! Thanks for the tour.

  4. Wonderful pictures, THANK YOU!! :-)
    I have lots of woods in my yard, too, I LOVE these ideas! Beautiful!!