Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back from Boston

I returned home from Massachusetts yesterday morning, after visiting my dear friend, Daniela.  

It's always so nice to go back there, to see her and visit familiar and new places.  My family lived in New England for about 15 years.  My two youngest were born in Rhode Island. 

This is her.  She has created an incredible garden over the years.  Every plant, every tree she planted herself.  She designed the fence, stone wall and where some of the large boulders would go.  No weekly hired guns on this property.  She weeds, mulches and trims it all herself; before work, early in the morning and on weekends.  Her husband works in the yard too, of course.  

But the garden is Daniela's therapy, her moment to be in nature, to relax, decompress and meditate on the greatness and goodness of the Lord.

And this is the place you can find her in the early mornings: in her gazebo.  In the rain, in the snow, in the summer, spring and fall.  It's her sanctuary, so to speak.

It's a tradition that we have wine in the gazebo in the evening and breakfast in the gazebo, still in our pajamas in the mornings.  

She recently created two fairy gardens.  This is the first one you see before going up the steps.  The little house has solar lights for night time.

This is the second one, a little tucked away.  To see it you have to tour the garden.  

Her plants have grown incredibly in the years since I've left.  I remember all of these plants and trees as babies.  

Everything is so full and lush now.  I just love it.

She has other structures in the yard as well.  Her husband built this fort for their daughter.  It has electricity for a TV, radio and lights.  There were many a little girls' sleepover in there. 

I love the charming shed also built by her husband.  I mentioned several times that both structures would make great chicken coops.  But she's not having any of that.  As a young girl growing up in Switzerland, she was responsible for cleaning out the coop.  She explains to me how she'd cough and gag every time.  She says, "Never again!"  

Hmm... but I'm not giving up the chicken dream just yet!  I mean, really... wouldn't this type of structure look great in my yard as a garden shed/chicken coop?  But envisioning all that poop...!  He-Man and I have got to come up with an 'easy clean' chicken coop.  Coughing and gagging is not my idea of fun.
Stay tuned for more.
(In the days to follow, I will post pictures of the Brimfield Antique Fair, my favorite shop up there, some of the restaurants we went to as well as the Museum we visited.)
Love from Whippoorwill Road,


  1. that little shed is my favorite! i really like the stone wall and steps, too. such a pretty place!

  2. What a beautiful garden. It looks very relaxing. I would love one of theose outdoor buildings in our yard to make into a painting gallery and craft house but our yard is so sloping and I can't find a flat space to put it. Sounds like you really had a great time with your friend, Bernadine, so happy for you....Christine

    1. Teresa and Christine, I'll pass the compliments along. My friend and her daughter are both artists so maybe one of these structures could be a little art studio. Great idea.

    2. Hi this is Daniela, thank you so much for your compliments about my garden, oh that means so much. That shed was bought as a kit, they have tons of them, if anyone is interested. They literally dropped it off im the yard all assembled. I love the idea of using the shed as a painting studio. Great idea!