Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Mementos Speak to Me

Here are some of my souvenirs from my recent trip to Massachusetts.  
This little painting was on the floor of a booth at the Brimfield Fair.  I was drawn immediately.  (My friend, Daniela was so nice to pose.) 

It spoke to me.  
This is what I would like to do every day: walk on a lovely quiet path, listen to nature, gather flowers and wear my bonnet and long skirt.  
Ok, skip the skirt.  But definitely, keep the bonnet.

Wherever she's going or wherever she's been, it's been a beautiful day for her.  At least, that's what she says to me.

This little tray set was from a neighborhood tag sale.
Quite different from the little lady, is this little gentleman and his hardworking horse.  
They also spoke to me.

I hear their aches and tiredness loud and clear.  It's the same way I feel after my time at work.  And I definitely look more like the gentleman than the lady, too.  Minus the top hat.  And minus the horse.  And minus the carriage.  But that position, that stance... He's speaking my language.                                  

So, this evening and tomorrow I will rest and enjoy
Whippoorwill Road.
I hope you do the same.


  1. you made me laugh - twice. 'skip the skirt' and the 'aching back' pose. :)

  2. You've done well! I like the tray set.

    1. Thanks. I think it tells a great story.

  3. Beautiful finds! I love both of them!...Christine

  4. I love your 'Lady' picture. What a great find!

  5. Hi Bernadine! I loved those little trays. I'm afraid trays are favorites for me. Isn't finding something you love a neat feeling? I can see why you were drawn to the painting. It has a softness and mystery. I love it!

  6. Hi Bernadine....I'm just thinking of you and your son, and praying....
    I look forward to a new post from you when you can!

    I see why you were drawn to the lovely picture of the lady on the path -- what a peaceful place she looks to be in, walking forward, one step in front of the other....sometimes that seems so hard to do.... :-)

    Loving and healing thoughts to you from me!

    1. Thank you so much LIsa Diane. It has been hard to concentrate on carefree things during this time. He's doing really well. He started his chemo. I guess I should update my post. I think I'll do that right now.
      It does mean so much to me that you're thinking of us. Take care.