Monday, July 2, 2012

An Update of... Life

My youngest son, that's him in the gray shirt, has been wondering what has happened to my blog.  I tried to explain how much I've had going on but he insisted I get back in the saddle.
So, to settle his nerves and let him know all is right in the world, here's an update:
  • We've been having an intense heat wave here- up to 109 degrees.
  • It finally broke last night and temps were in the 80's.
  • To celebrate we had a glass of wine outside at my sister's (brown shirt) house.
  • This is the same sister who promised God that if she could make it through Level One on the Zip Lining Adventure, she would never attempt it again.  
  • My two youngest, gray shirt and red hair seated, went to pick up their older brother from North Carolina a few days ago.

  • This is him.
  • He's here for the Fourth of July family celebration.
  • Which I may not be able to attend due to work obligations.
  • Speaking of, I'm an in the process of transferring to a new hospital, in a new town which is in a new county, for a different shift and totally different unit.

    • I've realized I can only handle a limited amount of 'new' things at a time.  
    • Then I get overwhelmed and you can find me quivering in the corner.
    • Remember when the garden was producing?
    • All that is gone now.
    • The heat shriveled up a lot of plants.  
    • Even after regular waterings, this is what the temps did to my baby hydrangea.
    • My garden is in a pitiful state.  Just when my sister from Missouri and her family are visiting.
    • Looks like we won't be taking a tour of the veggie garden.
    • Because it is no more.
    • And our lawn mower is broken so the weeds are knee high.
    • Remember I thought my cucumbers were a bust.  Well, not a complete bust.  I've had three so far.
    • They are the ugliest cucumbers.  This hasn't been chewed on... it's just malformed.
    • I'll try again next year.

    • In spite of being cooked in the high temps, here's this morning's mini harvest.
    • The very last onion and there's one more zucchini after this.
    • This week, all the squash plants will be transported to the compost bin.
    • That's an even bigger malformed cucumber.  
    • I still cut it up and tasted it once it was back in the kitchen.  
    • It's good.  It will be eaten.
    • I've been under the weather, just like my garden.
    • I'm waiting for the doctor's office to call back with an appointment.
    • The basil needs trimming, plucking, picking... 
    • It needs to be made into Pesto!
    • The Roma tomatoes, that were doing so well, have taken a beaten.
    • I don't know what will be salvageable after temps return to regular hot instead of diabolical hot.
    • This just looks painful and a mess.
    • The only plants that look alright, are the peppers.

    • So now that I know my doctor's appointment isn't until tomorrow, I will...
    •  rip out the lettuce, 
    • remove all but one of the squash plants,
    • water the garden, 
    • buy some garlic to make Pesto, 
    • do laundry, 
    • fill out Transfer requests for work, 
    • visit my sister from Missouri at my mom and dad's home...  

    Oh my!  Did I just start a 'Things to Do' list on my blog?
    Please excuse.  The plants and I have been under  the weather here on Whippoorwill Road.


    1. you're stressed. i hope you're feeling better soon. and good luck w/ the transfer!!!

    2. Yep, very stressed. I tend to hold it all inside and am the picture of calmness, which if I just switch one letter in that word, its clamness. That can be me... clam-ness. LIke a clam. Not to be confused with clammy.

    3. Sorry about the heat and the garden, I am right there with you. We hit 106 and broke our all time record on Saturday. Take time for yourself to get better, there is always time to garden when you are better. Good luck on your new job, changing jobs is always stressful.

      Eggplant, field peas, butter beans, corn, and peppers all love the heat if you want to get froggy and plant some new things. :)

    4. I think I will plant some corn and more peppers. I'm in the midst of planning a fall garden and researching what I can plant now for a short summer crop. A few days on the sofa and my garden is fried even though Richard watered for me. Maybe it was my love for the little plants that made them thrive. haha... Only kidding! :-)

    5. Hi Bernadine, sorry you are not feeling well, hope you get to feeling better soon.
      A heat wave like yours will destroy the best of gardens, I was lucky as we are late with most of our veggies, as a matter of fact we will be planting a late garden, which I hope works out well! Enjoy your 4th of July celebration with your family, If your kids are like mine they have a ball when they get together.
      Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your new job,