Monday, July 16, 2012

Garage and Dog Makeover

Our garage has been 1/4 painted for the last 7 years.  Everyday when I pulled my truck into the garage, I stared at brush strokes on the wall in front of me.
When I woke up this afternoon (I work nights), this is what I beheld:

I'm sure my husband loved having help from our second eldest son, Clay, who recently moved from Charlotte, NC.
I am so happy about this makeover.  

Once again, we had thunder with a light rain.  Big 'Ole Nasty Dog goes into 'Freak Out' mode.  
He trembles, he pants, he paces, he slobbers.  He's a mess.
Clay tries to reassure him but he's just not listening.

So, in order to dull the sound of thunder, Clay tries to muffle Big 'Ole Nasty Dogs ears.

 It didn't work.  He made a mad dash into the garage to be with people and he brushed up against wet paint.  However, with that touch of paint on his ears, he looks even more handsome.

Then my daughter tries to relax him by giving him a pedicure...  Maybe I should say, a "pawdicure".

We also played loud music in an attempt to drown out the distant rumbling.  Big 'Ole Nasty Dog enjoyed his makeover.  
He's a metrosexual in this regard: loves meticulous grooming, a new wardrobe, and now... having his nails done.  
I'm so glad we never got into brushing his teeth.

I think we need to seriously consider some Valium for him.  Or Xanax.  Or Ativan...  Whatever the vet thinks will help him endure the dreaded thunder.  

When things were quiet again, Buns and Big 'Ole Nasty Dog shared a moment of peace.

He looks a little embarrassed here.  I guess it's a little humbling when a rabbit has to come over to make sure you're alright.  
Oh well, that's what makes us love him.  

Here's to being accepted with flaws and all
on Whippoorwill Road,


  1. i love your big ol' nasty dog! he's not nasty at all! what a sweetie! i love buns, too.

  2. I wish I could even being to tell you the effect your posts have on me...with Bun's and big ol' nasty dog. Maybe I am just getting old and over emotional..but it really touches my heart. The love you and your family have for those animals and how dear they are with each other is overwhelming to me.
    Bun's is the most gorgeous rabbit I have ever seen and the look in big ol' nasty dogs face is endearing. You have a wonderful, wonderful family!

  3. Hi there - I think I have that same green scarf! Never thought to use it to protect me from thunder! Nice post.

    Cheers - Stewart M – Australia

  4. What a cute story Bernadine, our Lucy reacts when storms roll in, I love all the things your family does to settle your dog. BTW he is so adorable. I also smiled when I saw the paint on his ear, when we were painting the fence sections Lucy kept walking under the them and getting paint on her fur.
    And what a nice surprise for you, to wake up seeing the garage painted.
    I am also glad you got some much needed rain.
    Thank you for sharing.