Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh Great...

A few nights ago, a storm blew in.  While we were comforting Big 'Ol Nasty Dog (see previous post), Mother Nature was having a heyday.

Whether it was from lightening or just a weak spot, we lost half of the biggest oak tree.  

We were awed... and sad.

It didn't fall on the fountain.  And the wood might be good for something other than burning in the fire pit.

But when I look at this picture, I think, "Man, what a mess with all those weeds."  And then I look at the tree and I wonder if I'm ever going to make progress with this property.

Here's the bright spot.  My kids were out in the garden today, working.  Isn't this the way life should be: growing your food, enjoying the great outdoors, being at peace with one another?

On a side note, this was New Man's first day of college.  And he's out here, weeding the beds with his siblings.  

I loved this moment.  Seeing them outside, preparing for a future harvest.

Look what we found!  We do have deer in the garden!  

And when I look at this picture, I think, "Man, I wish I could have seen them."  And then I think to myself, it's a good thing we don't depend on this garden for survival.  Otherwise I may not love seeing this as much.

I do love Mother Nature with all her ups and downs 
on Whippoorwill Road.


  1. You need a very tall fence around that garden, or a vigilant dog. I lost all my Swiss Chard to the deer.

  2. Great photos, Bernadine! I love seeing your kids all work in the garden. I wish mine did that when they were younger. You trained them very well. Sorry about the tree but luckily, it did not hit any of your structures. About my furniture, I decided not to sell, I was having a knot in my chest trying to part with it, lol. I am moving it to ene of the guest rooms, where I put my mom when she is here....Christine

    1. I'm so glad you decided not to sell it. It really belongs in your home. You'll have to do a post on how it looks in it's new location.

  3. Well, since Big 'Ol Nasty Dog is the least vigilant dog in canine-dom, we may consider a fence if my attempts at gardening prove extremely successful and worth the expense. We are planning on planting kale and chard soon. Maybe if I'm more diligent with the Liquid Fence product, the deer will leave it alone.

  4. sorry about the tree damage! looks like quite the scorch mark, too! we lost a HUGE old oak at the edge of our back pasture about 2 years ago from a bad windstorm. it was awful to see it go, but we're still using the wood from it in the fireplace.

  5. WOW, how fortunate there wasn't more damage. Still, I look at that tree and think, "fire wood"!

    Condolences about the deer! We have a problem with them every year, this time in the sweet potatoes. Dan made me a "scaredeer," LOL, just posted photos.

    1. Leigh, I'm off to see your post and your "scaredeer". Let me know if it works.

  6. Yes- it's exactly how life should always be. Together working as a family.
    Bummer about your tree :(
    Have a good day.